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Malta Working Holiday Scheme

Maltese citizens, please click here for information. 


Are you a New Zealand citizen aged between 18 and 30 years old, interested in holidaying, living, working and getting to know Malta in the southern Mediterranean for up to twelve months? Then the following information on the NZ-Malta Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) could be of particular interest. Malta is one of only two countries in the European Union with English as an official language  - the other one being the Republic of Ireland.


An agreement was signed between New Zealand and Malta in 2004 which provides for up to 50 WHS visas to be issued per year to New Zealand citizens by the Maltese Government (and vice versa). You can view a copy of the agreement here

The WHS visa allows New Zealanders meeting the criteria to holiday and experience living in Malta for up to twelve months, with the option of working to supplement living costs.


  • New Zealand citizen ordinarily resident in NZ with a valid NZ passport

  • Primary intention is to have an extended holiday and get to know Malta and its people, with work being incidental

  • Aged between 18 and 30 years at the time of application

  • Not accompanied by children

  • Possess a return NZ-Malta airline ticket (or prove sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket)

  • Possess sufficient funds to meet living costs during the 12-month period (stipulated by the Maltese authorities)

  • Pay the relevant visa application fee to the Malta High Commission in Canberra, Australia

  • Pay the relevant temporary residence permit application fee to Identity Malta-Expatriates Unit once in Malta

  • Hold comprehensive medical and hospitalisation insurance for the 12-month duration

What's the process?

If you are interested in applying for a Malta Working Holiday visa, you should contact the Malta High Commission in Canberra, Australia, for information on the official process. The following information is a guideline only and is not intended to contradict the process stipulated by the Malta High Commission.


The Malta Working Holiday scheme is a two-step process, where you make an application to the Malta High Commission in Canberra and, if accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter and a multiple-entry Working Holiday visa, which you then need to take to Identity Malta-Expatriates Unit on arrival in Malta to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit ID card (referred to in the NZ-Malta WHS Agreement as an 'Employment Licence'). The WHS Agreement stipulates that Identity Malta will issue the Temporary Residence Permit within 15 days of your arrival in Malta, but this is more likely to be from the date you lodge your application.


Visa Application Requirements

(Malta High Commission in Canberra)

  • Two recent identical passport size photos

  • A certified copy of your current NZ passport  - biodata page and all stamped visa/permit pages (the passport should be valid for at least two years after the date of application)

  • A certified copy of your birth certificate

  • A NZ Police criminal record report (see Obtaining NZ documents)

  • A bank statement showing you have the minimum required funds to provide for your initial stay in Malta (currently a minimum of approximately NZ$4,900)

  • Your airline flight booking

  • Application fee by International Money order/Bank cheque (approximately A$100, to be confirmed by the Malta High Commission), payable to the Malta High Commission

Temporary Residence Permit Application Requirements

(Identity Malta-Expatriates Unit in Malta)

  • Your WHS approval letter from the Malta High Commission in Canberra

  • Application for a Temporary Residence Permit (download form CEA O

  • Identity Registration form (download form CEA ID 1A)

  • Possibly a Rental Declaration form - see next section (download CEA RD)

  • Proof of travel insurance (specifically medical expenses)

  • A NZ bank statement showing you have the minimum required funds (same as for visa application above)

  • Copy of your passport biodata page and all stamped visa/permit pages

  • Proof of address (see below)

  • Application fee (approximately €30, to be confirmed by Identity Malta)

  • Remember to take a copy of the NZ-Malta WHS Agreement with you to show to Identity Malta, particularly with reference to the stated application processing time (15 days)

Some helpful suggestions

  • Proof of address - there are two ways to fulfil this:

    • Rent an apartment on a 6-12 month lease. You'll need the lease agreement and a Rental Declaration form (see previous section) completed and signed by your landlord and you.

    • If you find a flat to share (see below), ask the person who owns the property to provide a copy of the purchase agreement of the property and a notarised letter (i.e. witnessed before a public notary) stating that you are staying with them. If you are flatting in a rental property, then ask the person whose name is on the lease to provide you with a copy of the lease and the same notarised letter.

  • Opening a bank account in Malta:

    • Unfortunately, this can be a 'chicken-and-egg' situation, where the bank will ask you for proof of address (see above) and your employment contract, among many other things, such as a 'letter of good conduct' from your NZ bank (which they are unlikely to provide).

    • Also, you might not want to work after first arriving in Malta, but you will probably require an account for Euro purchases, payments and travel.

    • If opening a bank account with a traditional Maltese bank proves to be impossible, you may wish to consider opening a Euro debit account with a virtual bank, such as Revolut or Monese, which you can fund from your NZ account or credit card.

    • Please note that the Consulate does not endorse or promote either of these entities, but provides their names for information only.

  • Tax and  Social Security:

    • As you are required to have comprehensive medical and hospitalisation insurance under the Malta WHS criteria, you are not eligible for Maltese Social Security cover and so should not need to apply for a Maltese Social Security number. Please check this with Identity Malta-Expatriates Unit when applying for your Temporary Residence Permit.

    • When you get your first job, you will be deducted PAYE income tax in Malta, although if the amount you earn in one year is below a certain threshold, you will be eligible for an income tax reimbursement (which will probably happen after you have completed your 12-month WHS).

    • To apply for a Maltese tax number, first download an Expatriates Taxpayer Registration Declaration form, complete and sign it, and then complete online the Expatriates Taxpayer Registration form, where you will also upload your scanned or photographed Expatriates Registration Declaration form.

Your feedback is valuable

The New Zealand Consulate has compiled the preceding information from various Maltese Government sources to the best of its knowledge.

Please let the Honorary Consul know if you encounter any major problems when applying for a Malta Working Holiday visa, particularly if the information provided here is incomplete or incorrect.  We want to help make your experience in Malta as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, although you will appreciate that living in a new country will always provide its challenges...


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