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Obtaining New Zealand Documents

You can obtain the following New Zealand documents directly (and usually online) from the relevant New Zealand Government agency:

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates


  • New Zealand Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates can be obtained directly from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) website has details of how to obtain the certificates.

Document Authentication and Apostille Certification


  • Before certain New Zealand documents can be used overseas, Document Authentication or Apostille Certification may be necessary. It is usually required where overseas officials are not able to determine on sight the authenticity of New Zealand documents. To check the requirements, contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned or their overseas representatives. The process varies depending on the document type and country requirements and can only be done in Wellington by the Authentications Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). An e-Apostille is also available.


New Zealand Driver Licences


Obtaining a copy of your Criminal Record


  • New Zealand Police are often asked for a “Police Clearance Certificate”, especially by people applying for a job overseas. New Zealand Police do not produce “Clearance Certificates” as such, but you can get a copy of your Criminal Record from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) website.


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